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Senator Rob Portman (R)
Washington, DC: Phone: 202-224-3353. 
Columbus Office: Phone: 614-469-6774

Senator Sherrod Brown (D)
Washington, DC: (202) 224-2315
Columbus Office: (614) 469-2083

Rep. Steve Stivers, (R)
Washington, DC Office: 202-225-2015 
Lancaster Office: (740) 654-2654
123 South Broad Street Suite 235 Lancaster, OH 43130


Events Committee
Meeting at Headquarters 118N Columbus St, Lancaster, to continue planning events calendar for 2019.
Event Details  ·  Mar 28, 2019

Candidate Recruitment Committee
Candidate Recruitment Committee meeting at 10AM, Headquarters
Event Details  ·  Mar 30, 2019

Communication Committee
Communication Committee meeting at HQ, 10AM.
Event Details  ·  Apr 6, 2019

Fundraising Committee
Fundraising Committee meeting at 11AM, HQ
Event Details  ·  Apr 6, 2019

2nd Wednesday Happy Hour
April Happy/Social hour at Baltimore Pint House
Event Details  ·  Apr 10, 2019

News Articles

The inevitable backlash of the Alpha Boys and White ISIS
Because the subject has come up several times with a variety of 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls, two weeks ago I wrote a long discussion on the need for and difficulties involved with implementing reparations for several of America’s past and current mistakes, and sins against its...
News Item  ·  5 DailyKos Headlines  ·  Mar 25, 2019_  right

Democratic lawmakers indicate they'll move quickly to demand Mueller report—and Barr testimony
It was evident from the outset that House and Senate Democratic watchdogs weren't going to accept Trump Attorney General Bill Barr's terse, ambiguous summary of the Mueller report's claims as the end of investigative efforts into Trump campaign actions during 2016. House Judiciary Committee...
News Item  ·  5 DailyKos Headlines  ·  Mar 25, 2019_  right

Etan Thomas Talks Police Brutality, Michael Jordan’s Secret Activism, and How He’s Changing Minds
Photo Illustration by Lyne Lucien/The Daily Beast/GettyThe year was 1996 and Etan Thomas, then a junior at Booker T. Washington High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was driving in his car on his way to a basketball game against rival Central High School when he was stopped by the police at a busy...
News Item  ·  Daily Beast  ·  Mar 25, 2019_  right

Going 10 Rounds With Top Bartender Jabriel Donohue
Courtesy of Olivia LarzelereWhat do you like to drink after a shift? “Rainier Beer and a shot of bourbon. I’m not picky.”What is the all-time best dive bar jukebox song? “‘Mother’ by Danzig.”After all these years bartending and creating drinks, do you still enjoy going out to bars?...
News Item  ·  Daily Beast  ·  Mar 25, 2019_  right

Trump Aided and Abetted Russia’s Attack. That Was Treachery. Full Stop.
On Sunday afternoon Attorney General William Barr sent a letter to Congress noting that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation “did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference...
News Item  ·  Mother Jones Politics  ·  Mar 24, 2019_  right

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Just Pointed Out the “Real Conversation” the Country Needs to Have About Trump
On Sunday afternoon, just a few hours before Attorney General William Barr delivered his summary of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report to Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez weighed in on the flurry of attention being paid to Trump and several investigations surrounding him and the...
News Item  ·  Mother Jones Politics  ·  Mar 24, 2019_  right

Note to Donald Trump and Company: Lower Your Voices. Stop Playing With Matches.
If there is something we won’t soon forget in our turbulent era, it is the image of massive California brushfires enveloping hundreds of square miles of land in the Golden State and everything situated on that bone-dry landscape. The smoke was so severe that people with respiratory problems...
News Item  ·  Plunderbund  ·  Mar 21, 2019_  right

Robert Mueller Is Not Your Knight in Shining Armor
Be the Mueller you want to see in the world.
News Item  ·  Slate  ·  Mar 25, 2019_  right

So Why Did Mueller Tell Everyone About Paul Manafort’s Buddy Who Had Active Ties to Russian Intelligence?
The "no collusion" takeaway makes the special counsel's fixation on one apparent example of collusion quite perplexing.
News Item  ·  Slate  ·  Mar 25, 2019_  right

Release the Mueller Report—Immediately and Completely
John Nichols If we want the truth, we must have transparency. The post Release the Mueller Report—Immediately and Completely appeared first on The Nation.
News Item  ·  The Nation  ·  Mar 23, 2019_  right

In Defense of Fusion Voting
Maurice Mitchell, Dan Cantor It’s the antidote to the winner-take-all electoral system, solves the “wasted vote” or “spoiler” dilemmas that otherwise plague third parties and allows citizens who identify as independent to participate constructively in politics. The post In Defense of...
News Item  ·  The Nation  ·  Mar 22, 2019_  right

Graham hints at further questioning of Comey in wake of Mueller findings
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) hinted at further questioning of ex-FBI Director James Comey on Sunday after the attorney general released a summary of the key findings from special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation....
News Item  ·  The Hill  ·  Mar 25, 2019_  right

Mueller delivers a win for Trump — Five Takeaways
There was relief for the White House and frustration for President Trump's foes on Sunday when a summary of special counsel Robert Mueller's findings was released by Attorney General William Barr.The 22-month probe...
News Item  ·  The Hill  ·  Mar 25, 2019_  right

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