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Senator Rob Portman (R)
Washington, DC: Phone: 202-224-3353.
Columbus Office: Phone: 614-469-6774

Senator Sherrod Brown (D)
Washington, DC: (202) 224-2315
Columbus Office: (614) 469-2083

Rep. Steve Stivers, (R)
Washington, DC Office: 202-225-2015
Lancaster Office: (740) 654-2654
123 South Broad Street Suite 235 Lancaster, OH 43130


4th of July Open House
Open House at Democratic Headquarters for the Lancaster Parade
Event Details  ·  Jul 4, 2017

Filing Deadline for non-partisan candidates
Nominating petitions of candidates in nonpartisan races must be filed by 4 p.m. (90 days before general election)
Aug 9, 2017

Executive Committee Meeting
Our next meeting of the executive committee of the Fairfield County Democrats is Thursday August 17 at 7PM. Meeting is at Headquarters, 118N. Columbus st. in Lancaster.
Event Details  ·  Aug 17, 2017

News Articles

Fox News gives Dear Leader the softball interview he was looking for
Donald Trump returned twice in the past week to his favorite place for softball questions. Fox News rewarded him with exactly what he was looking for—these questions weren’t even softballs. They were little fluffy clouds of cotton candy wafted toward him on a breeze of adulation, and...
News Item  ·  5 DailyKos Headlines  ·  Jun 26, 2017_  right

Hillary Clinton and EMILY's List announce 15,000 women interested in running for office
In the wake of the 2016 elections, EMILY’s List renewed its efforts to recruit women to run for office, and apparently a lot of women are interested: @HillaryClinton: For more than 30 years, @emilyslist has paved the way for women to run & succeed in elected office, including me....
News Item  ·  5 DailyKos Headlines  ·  Jun 27, 2017_  right

Brace for food price hikes thanks to Donald Trump's deportation force
File this one under “This is what you voted for, Donald Trump supporters”: Research by the Farm Bureau suggests that the federal immigration policy Trump is promoting could result in a massive farm labor shortage across the country, causing domestic fruit output to plunge anywhere from 30...
News Item  ·  5 DailyKos Headlines  ·  Jun 26, 2017_  right

Led By President Trump, CNN’s Gloating Detractors Party Hearty
After it fired three journalists in the wake of botched reporting on a Trump associate, CNN took vicious hits from the President and a multitude of his supporters.
News Item  ·  Daily Beast  ·  Jun 27, 2017_  right

Stuck in Rikers for Six Months. No One Told Him Bail Was $1.
A Rikers inmate claims his lawyers didn’t tell him his bail had been reduced.
News Item  ·  Daily Beast  ·  Jun 27, 2017_  right

The Intercept Discloses Top-Secret NSA Document on Russia Hacking Aimed at US Voting System
On Monday, the Intercept published a classified internal NSA document noting that Russian military intelligence mounted an operation to hack at least one US voting software supplier—which provided software related to voter registration files—in the months prior to last year's...
News Item  ·  Mother Jones Politics  ·  Jun 5, 2017_  right

Trump's Tweets Threaten His Travel Ban's Chances in Court
President Donald Trump began the week with a barrage of early-morning tweets blasting the courts for blocking his travel ban executive order. But in doing so, he may have just made it more likely that the courts will keep blocking the ban. People, the lawyers and the courts can call it...
News Item  ·  Mother Jones Politics  ·  Jun 5, 2017_  right

In Senate ‘Better Care’ Act, Kasich Tastes His Own Bitter Medicine
How soon history is forgotten when a governor tries to burn both ends of the candle at the same time without lighting themselves on fire in the process. But that’s exactly what Ohio Gov. John Kasich has managed to do and get away with as he weighs-in on what Republicans in Congress have in...
News Item  ·  Plunderbund  ·  Jun 27, 2017_  right

Big Turmoil in Big Sky Country
Listen to Episode 773 of Slate’s The Gist:
News Item  ·  Slate  ·  Jun 27, 2017_  right

How Trump Can Get His Muslim Ban
On Monday, the Supreme Court issued what has been billed as a split decision on Donald Trump’s ban on immigration from six majority-Muslim countries. The court kept the ban in place for those who couldn’t prove a “bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States.” As...
News Item  ·  Slate  ·  Jun 27, 2017_  right

The Powerlessness of Power: Politics in Britain Today
(AP Photo/Matt Dunham) Twelve months after the Brexit plebiscite, and two weeks after the general election, British politics has no direction, no sense of purpose, and no commanding personalities. The classic institutions of the state—the civil service, big business, the media, the...
News Item  ·  The American Prospect  ·  Jun 27, 2017_  right

Cheer Up, Democrats
Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call via AP Images House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi holds her weekly on camera press conference in the Capitol.  This article originally appeared at The Huffington Post. Subscribe here. How discouraged should Democrats be after failing to win any of the four...
News Item  ·  The American Prospect  ·  Jun 27, 2017_  right

Trump: Obama didn't 'choke,' he 'colluded or obstructed'
President Trump on Monday said President Obama took no action against Russia for its actions in the 2016 election because he expected Hillary Clinton to win.Trump concluded that Obama had not "choked" in taking no...
News Item  ·  The Hill  ·  Jun 26, 2017_  right

Three resign from CNN after Russia story retraction
Three CNN staffers resigned after the network retracted a story tying a top President Trump ally to a Russian investment bank.Thomas Frank, the author of the story, Eric Lichtblau, an editor in the CNN investigativ...
News Item  ·  The Hill  ·  Jun 26, 2017_  right

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