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Senator Rob Portman (R)
Washington, DC: Phone: 202-224-3353.
Columbus Office: Phone: 614-469-6774

Senator Sherrod Brown (D)
Washington, DC: (202) 224-2315
Columbus Office: (614) 469-2083

Rep. Steve Stivers, (R)
Washington, DC Office: 202-225-2015
Lancaster Office: (740) 654-2654
123 South Broad Street Suite 235 Lancaster, OH 43130


Executive Committee Meeting
Our next meeting of the executive committee of the Fairfield County Democrats is Thursday March 15 at 7PM. Meeting is at Headquarters, 118N. Columbus st. in Lancaster.
Event Details  ·  Mar 15, 2018

Voter Registration Deadline
April 9* Deadline for voter registration for May 8 primary election (30 days before primary election)
Apr 9, 2018

2018 Primary Election
Primary Election Day
May 8, 2018

News Articles

John Oliver Praises Parkland Shooting Survivors for Taking on the Gun Lobby
HBOYes, John Oliver is back.After several months off, the irascible Brit returned to the desk of Last Week Tonight for its fifth season premiere. He began by addressing the “heartbreaking events” of Parkland, Florida, wherein a MAGA hat-wearing 19-year-old armed with a legally-purchased AR-15...
News Item  ·  Daily Beast  ·  Feb 19, 2018_  right

Andrea Bocelli on His Improbable Journey, the Trump Inauguration, and That Ed Sheeran Duet
Courtesy Massimo SestiniIt’s a defying-the-odds story tailor-made for the big screen: born with glaucoma, a shy and withdrawn Italian boy is stripped of his eyesight at the age of 12 following a freak soccer injury, only to grow up and become a world-renowned singer. Such is the journey of...
News Item  ·  Daily Beast  ·  Feb 19, 2018_  right

No Excuses. Now Is The Time To Get Political
Politics saves lives and politics takes lives. Maybe you’ve always known this, but are only now realizing how policies impact you and your community. No matter what your situation, at least now you have realized: It is time to make the time. It's time to get political.
News Item  ·  Plunderbund  ·  Feb 19, 2018_  right

The Daily Show Finally Filmed a Trump Voter Interview Everyone Can Enjoy
There weren’t a lot of non-Trump-related upsides to the George W. Bush years, but there was one: it was a golden age for fake interviews. People would apparently just agree to sit down and explain their terrible ideas on camera, without asking too many questions about who wanted to interview...
News Item  ·  Slate  ·  Feb 19, 2018_  right

A Colossal Eruption
Huaynaputina, a stratovolcano located in present-day Peru, exploded catastrophically on this day in 1600. You may use the comment thread on this page to talk about how the resultant volcanic winter precipitated the Russian famine of 1601 or to pursue other points of off-topic, freewheeling...
News Item  ·  Slate  ·  Feb 19, 2018_  right

CDC: This flu season worst since 2009 swine flu pandemic
Federal health officials warned Friday that this year's flu outbreak is more severe than any other since the 2009 swine flu pandemic, and that its intensity is still increasing.Officials at the Centers for Disease...
News Item  ·  The Hill  ·  Jan 27, 2018_  right

Ginsburg will not attend Trump's first State of the Union
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will not be in attendance at President Trump's first State of the Union address on Tuesday.Ginsburg is scheduled to be at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island for her...
News Item  ·  The Hill  ·  Jan 28, 2018_  right

Donald Trump Just Attacked Oprah
It never ends. Just watched a very insecure Oprah Winfrey, who at one point I knew very well, interview a panel of people on 60 Minutes. The questions were biased and slanted, the facts incorrect. Hope Oprah runs so she can be exposed and defeated just like all of the others! — Donald J....
News Item  ·  Mother Jones Politics  ·  Feb 19, 2018_  right

Reports: Former Trump Adviser Rick Gates Expected to Plead Guilty Within Days
Rick Gates, a former Trump campaign adviser, is expected to plead guilty within days to federal fraud-related charges and will cooperate with prosecutors in the case against his longtime associate, former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, according to multiple reports Sunday...
News Item  ·  Mother Jones Politics  ·  Feb 19, 2018_  right

Open thread for night owls: 'It's the end of the road for me', says Republican megadonor to GOP
Republican megadonor Al Hoffman Jr. says he's out: He will no longer contribute to any Republican candidate who does not support an assault weapons ban. “For how many years now have we been doing this — having these experiences of terrorism, mass killings — and how many years has it been...
News Item  ·  5 DailyKos Headlines  ·  Feb 19, 2018_  right

I can't wait for people of every color to be wearing Black Panther costumes
There are a lot of shitty things going on in the country I love. Kids are being shot in school—and not once in a while, either. The (mostly) Republicans under the sway of the NRA stand in the way of taking any actions that might reduce the “American carnage” that’s getting worse on Mr....
News Item  ·  5 DailyKos Headlines  ·  Feb 19, 2018_  right

If Democrats provide an answer to these types of problems, they will be unbeatable
Wednesday was a productive morning. I completed some research and was feeling accomplished. Then two stories hit as I left Starbucks on my way to record my political program. First, word came down that once more a murderer gunned down many students at a high school. This time it was in Florida....
News Item  ·  5 DailyKos Headlines  ·  Feb 19, 2018_  right

Austin Just Brought Paid Sick Leave to the South
Jimmy Tobias Thanks to a savvy, progressive coalition, Austinites will no longer have to work through heart attacks, flus, and stomach bugs. The post Austin Just Brought Paid Sick Leave to the South appeared first on The Nation.
News Item  ·  The Nation  ·  Feb 16, 2018_  right

How Trump Plans to Evict Poor Families From Public Housing
George Zornick The president’s budget proposal is a shocking assault on the 5 million people who rely on rental assistance.  The post How Trump Plans to Evict Poor Families From Public Housing appeared first on The Nation.
News Item  ·  The Nation  ·  Feb 16, 2018_  right

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