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Senator Rob Portman (R)
Washington, DC: Phone: 202-224-3353.
Columbus Office: Phone: 614-469-6774

Senator Sherrod Brown (D)
Washington, DC: (202) 224-2315
Columbus Office: (614) 469-2083

Rep. Steve Stivers, (R)
Washington, DC Office: 202-225-2015
Lancaster Office: (740) 654-2654
123 South Broad Street Suite 235 Lancaster, OH 43130

Note: The local party has made no endorsements, candidates names are for your information only.



 Sherrod Brown
 US Senate
 Rick Neal US Congress OH-15

Leah Hackleman-Good

Fairfield County Commissioner

Brett Pransky
Ohio House District 77
Amber Daniels
Ohio House District 78
 Richard Cordray Governor
 Steve Dettelbach
 Attorney General
 Zack Space
 Auditor of State
 Kathleen Clyde
 Secretary of State
 Rob Richardson
 Ohio State Treasurer


Lancaster Artwalk 2018
Join us at Headquarters for the Artwalk in Downtown Lancaster
Event Details  ·  Jul 20, 2018

Baltimore Festival Parade
Enjoy the Baltimore Festival, walk with candidates in the Parade.
Event Details  ·  Aug 4, 2018

Cordray Fundraiser
Join us at Rockside Winery for a Rich Cordray Fundraiser
Event Details  ·  Aug 8, 2018

Executive Committee Meeting
Our next meeting of the executive committee of the Fairfield County Democrats is Thursday August 16th, 7PM. Meeting is at Headquarters, 118N. Columbus st. in Lancaster.
Event Details  ·  Aug 16, 2018

Fairfield County Democrats Fundraiser
Save the date for a fun evening with fellow Democrats
Event Details  ·  Sep 4, 2018

News Articles

After normalization comes collaboration
When I woke up on November 9, 2016, to news of the election results, my immediate reaction was not grief, but suspicion. I did not believe that the American people would have voted an idiot into an office that requires intelligence, tact, and a basic understanding of how a government as...
News Item  ·  5 DailyKos Headlines  ·  Jul 15, 2018_  right

Trump team, Republican lawmakers press for release of violent British white nationalist. Why?
It is not immediately clear why members of the Republican hard-right have been pushing so vigorously for the release of a British white nationalist currently jailed in Leeds, England for violating specific orders of a British court. Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, more commonly known as "Tommy Robinson",...
News Item  ·  5 DailyKos Headlines  ·  Jul 15, 2018_  right

Vive La France! The French Celebrate Their World Cup Victory (Photos)
Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily BeastThe citizens stormed the streets of France on Saturday to celebrate their fellow countrymen's defeat of Croatia in the World Cup final.Read more at The Daily Beast.
News Item  ·  Daily Beast  ·  Jul 15, 2018_  right

Trump and Putin are Welcome in Helsinki – Not
REUTERS/Leonhard FoegerHELSINKI, Finland – Nobody here was surprised when Finland’s capital was named as the venue for the Putin-Trump summit, which Russian media refer to as “a historical meeting of two presidents.” On the eve of that fraught get-together, Finnish politicians, government...
News Item  ·  Daily Beast  ·  Jul 15, 2018_  right

Pardoned Oregon Rancher to Focus on Putting God in Public Schools
Last year, Western land activists and other conservatives had been lobbying President Donald Trump to pardon rancher Cliven Bundy, who in 2014 had engaged in an armed standoff with federal officials trying to confiscate his cattle that were trespassing on public property. But earlier this year, a...
News Item  ·  Mother Jones Politics  ·  Jul 15, 2018_  right

Sacha Baron Cohen’s New Show Is So Much Darker Than You Think
Washington has been buzzing for a week about the upcoming new Showtime series by Sacha Baron Cohen, Who is America? after news leaked that the Borat star had tricked a host of politicos from Dick Cheney to Sarah Palin into appearing on the show. On Sunday, Showtime released an extensive clip from...
News Item  ·  Mother Jones Politics  ·  Jul 15, 2018_  right

Who Is Rescuing Migrant Kids, Too?
As the world watched the heroic efforts to rescue the young soccer team trapped in a Thai cave, one thing was stuck on our brains. We could only think of the President’s indifference to the plight of thousands of migrant kids who are unspeakably lost or detained by the president’s monstrous...
News Item  ·  Plunderbund  ·  Jul 13, 2018_  right

Watch Sacha Baron Cohen Trick Republicans Into Supporting Guns for Toddlers Program
After lots of talk and expectation, we finally got an extended look into comedian Sacha Baron Cohen’s new show, Who is America? And it involves Cohen poking fun at the gun lobby as well as Republican lawmakers and leaders who seem all too eager to come out in favor of firearms, no matter what...
News Item  ·  Slate  ·  Jul 15, 2018_  right

The Eight Craziest Moments of a Truly Bonkers World Cup Final
The 2018 World Cup was the wildest sporting tournament in recent memory, and its final was fittingly off the rails. France’s 4–2 victory over Croatia had own goals, VAR, screamers, punk rock political demonstrations, and one very pumped-up Emmanuel Macron. As we say goodbye to a rapturous...
News Item  ·  Slate  ·  Jul 15, 2018_  right

Pro Wrestler Sami Zayn Aims to Save Lives In Syria
Dave Zirin WWE Superstar Sami Zayn’s new project is an effort to turn anger into action in the war-torn country. The post Pro Wrestler Sami Zayn Aims to Save Lives In Syria appeared first on The Nation.
News Item  ·  The Nation  ·  Jul 13, 2018_  right

Judge Kavanaugh: An Originalist With a New—and Terrifying—Interpretation of Executive Power
Patricia J. Williams With an ultraconservative majority on the Supreme Court, it will be up to Congress to save our civil rights. The post Judge Kavanaugh: An Originalist With a New—and Terrifying—Interpretation of Executive Power appeared first on The Nation.
News Item  ·  The Nation  ·  Jul 13, 2018_  right

What Trump’s NATO defense plan would mean for the US
Trump's suggestion that NATO allies double their targeted defense spending to 4 percent of GDP is drawing skepticism from defense spending experts.
News Item  ·  The Hill  ·  Jul 15, 2018_  right

Gowdy rules out Rosenstein impeachment
Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) on Sunday ruled out the possibility of impeaching Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, saying there is not enough support for his ouster."I'm not convinced there is a movement," Gowdy sa...
News Item  ·  The Hill  ·  Jul 15, 2018_  right

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A Future for Lancaster
After the Decline of the Glass Industry, The Community needs to build our future by ourselves for ourselves.
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